Fully Functioning Fingerprint Lock

Key Features

  • APP to manage the lock from any place
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Service life of Electronic/Mechanical part ≥200,000 times
  • Accessible by: Hidden Mechanical Key Hole, Digital Keypad, Fingerprint Lock, Smartphone Connection and Mifare Card

This is a new-designed aluminium smart door lock.

Adopt the latest structural design, which panel width is only 38 mm.

It has a convenient management system and 6 ways to unlock:
PIN Code Unlock, Card Unlock, and Mechanical Keys Unlock

Auslock Catalogue (PDF)


This bulletin is aimed at glaziers and customers to assist them with ensuring insulated glass units are correctly oriented.

Significant energy savings can be achieved by using high quality uPVC frames from EURO UPVC WINDOWS, with a suitable choice of Double Glazing. Our standard selection for Double Glazing as follow:

    Low-E glass can stop up to 70% of heat loss and 77% of heat gain and saving up to 35% on your energy bills as compared to the standard single glazed aluminium windows. INSULGLASS LOW E an ideal for colder climates with maximum Visible Light, Passive Heat Gain and excellent insulation.
    Laminated glass is well known as a safety and security glass. However, because of the way it is manufactured, it also acts as an effective barrier for sound. Combination of a different glass selection in double glazing units proves an excellent barrier to noise, it has better Sound Transmission Loss.


Insulation – calculated as a “U Value”, which is a measure of heat flow through glass and frame. The lower the “U Value” the better the insulating properties.


Glass as a single material is generally a terrible insulator, however the introduction of air spaces and also adding metal coatings onto glass surfaces can vastly improve this insulation performance.

Solar Control

Solar Control – measured as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and measures total solar heat transmitted through glass and frame by the combination of direct transmittance and absorbed heat re-radiated inside. The lower the SHGC number the less heat is being transmitted through the glazing.


When direct passive heat from the sun hits the glass, this can allow tremendous amounts of heat inside the building. In many cases this is unwelcome. This can be controlled through the inclusion of tints and/or airspaces and/or coatings.

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) and Visible Light Reflection (VLR)

Measured as a percentage (%), VLT defines the amount of visible light through the glazing. VLR is the percentage of visible light reflected from the surface. VLR can be further defined from an outside (VLR-out) and inside (VLT-in) measure.

Building designers want buildings to maximise natural light, which in turn reduces power loads for artificial light. This can be improved through the application of spectrally selective coatings, which allow high levels of natural light, yet can effectively reduce higher proportions of infrared and associated heat gain.

AGG Insulglass Select

Insulglass Clear 1.0

Insulglass Plus


‘Having a team that you have confidence in and that you trust to run your business
when you are away is crucial. If you don’t have that, you’ll never leave the office again.’
– Hector Henriquez, Visual Graphics

Euro UPVC Windows takes the social responsibility of our company seriously and is always looking for improvement. Staff training and development activities are important for our business. Regular trainings proven to improve employee’s skills specific to the business, and will keep everyone up-to-date in all areas.

As qualified manufacturer of Kommerling (Profine-Group) we have regular staff training delivered by professional technician on systematic bases.

Euro UPVC Team have successfully completed a full training on a new PREMI DOOR 76 LIFT AND SLIDE SYSTEM. This will insure that all staff (manufactures and installers) are qualified to manufacture the new system according to all standards.

Euro UPVC Windows are contented to introduce to our customers a PremiDoor, Lift and Slide system.

This system can provide very large and flexible opening that can open living room onto the garden and terraces and bring maximum light. PremiDoor system with double glazing from Kommerling is a genuine premium product that available in five variants and can be extend up to 6.0 m wide and 2.5 m high.

The system has been tested to worldwide standards for tensile strength, durability, heat stability and colour retention. The testing significa

ntly exceeds the stringent requirements of international quality assurance standards and passed the bushfire test AS 1530.8.1 : 2007 Section 16 and 19. AS3959-2009. Test result: BAL: A-40.

Advantages/Benefits of the PremiDoor System that we passing to our customers:

  • Outstanding thermal insulation with Uf value of 1.9
  • W/(m2K) thanks to its stable five chamber design throughout its length
  • Subjected to high positive and negative wind pressures and exposure to extreme weather condition
  • Bushfire resistance up to BAL:A-40
  • Smooth and quiet running of the sliding sashes
  • Profiles of lead free rigid uPVC stabilised with Eco friendly calcium and zinc
  • Threshold with thermal break for optimal isothermal properties
  • The system can reach a sound reduction coefficient of 45dB (according to EN ISO 140-3)

Euro UPVC Windows guarantees that the PremiDoor, Lift and Slide Door will keep it’s thermal and sound properties for at least 10 years and in practice they are built for the lifetime.

An Initiative of Vinyl Council of Australia

Despite their huge popularity in Europe and North America, uPVC windows are only now being more widely taken up in Australia as home owners and builders try to achieve or exceed important 6-star energy efficiency building ratings.

Quality uPVC windows have long been recognized as a high performance window choice that offers thermal advantages over alternate materials such as timber or aluminium.

Thermal performance is one of the most important characteristics of a window. Double glazed uPVC windows can be as much as 4 ½ times more energy efficient than single glazed aluminium framed windows.

In winter, up to 70% of heat from inside your house is lost through standard 3mm window panes and even more is lost with heat transfer through metal frames.

By cutting the transfer of heat from the warm inside to the cold side of the window, uPVC windows with double glazing will significantly reduce the loss of heating warmth in cold weather, meaning less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

In Australia, uPVC windows consistently rate among the highest performers under the WERS rating system and significantly outperform most aluminium windows.

They are proven performers in reducing energy consumption for heating and consequently can make a useful contribution to lowering your household energy and gas bills.

Every installation of Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Melbourne comes with 10 years warranty and a warranty certificate is issued for every client.

  • UPVC Double Glazed windows are completely harmless for humans and preserve the nature especially the tropical forests.
  • UPVC windows are fully recyclable, as well as resistance and will never rot, corrode or rust.
  • We are environmentally friendly products, no accelerant effect.
  • UPVC windows and doors offer functional efficiency for years and durability without recurrent effort of conservation with paint or special maintenance.
  • Due to a special properties and design of UPVC windows they are perfect for cool and heat insulation.
  • Euro UPVC Windows are specially designed and fitted with double glazed glass system to excellent for sound insulation.