An Initiative of Vinyl Council of Australia

Despite their huge popularity in Europe and North America, uPVC windows are only now being more widely taken up in Australia as home owners and builders try to achieve or exceed important 6-star energy efficiency building ratings.

Quality uPVC windows have long been recognized as a high performance window choice that offers thermal advantages over alternate materials such as timber or aluminium.

Thermal performance is one of the most important characteristics of a window. Double glazed uPVC windows can be as much as 4 ½ times more energy efficient than single glazed aluminium framed windows.

In winter, up to 70% of heat from inside your house is lost through standard 3mm window panes and even more is lost with heat transfer through metal frames.

By cutting the transfer of heat from the warm inside to the cold side of the window, uPVC windows with double glazing will significantly reduce the loss of heating warmth in cold weather, meaning less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

In Australia, uPVC windows consistently rate among the highest performers under the WERS rating system and significantly outperform most aluminium windows.

They are proven performers in reducing energy consumption for heating and consequently can make a useful contribution to lowering your household energy and gas bills.