Style your window with Pleated blinds for a clean and fashionably uncluttered look. Find all sorts of astonishing colours and patterns in our collection.

Pleated blinds are a system that effectively protects your house from excessive sunlight by covering any part of your ‘unusual’ or normal window shape. It is available in 16 different variants and 50 different colours, including all the original colours like black, white, blue.

EuroUPCV windows are proud to present pleated blinds that would look astounding with your new amazing window. Not only will this collection of windows and blinds look attractive to the naked eye it can also keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Pleated blinds are especially made to keep the sunlight blocked and to keep your life indoors private and protected.

Pleated blinds benefits

Having pleated blinds placed in front of your captivating Euro UPCV window does look amazing but think about how effective and child safe it is and thanks to the system functionality and a wide range of fabrics, the product protects you from sunlight very effectively. Pleated blinds are mid to high-end products providing significant aesthetic and performance features.

Pleated Blinds Styles and Systems

  • Standard pleated blind
  • Duo pleated blind
  • Twin pleated blind
    Mono control pleated blind
  • Fixed frame pleated blind
  • Triangle-horizontal top pleated blind
  • Conservatory pleated blinds
  • Skylight two way pleat-cord
  • Skylight two way pleat-wand
  • Circular pleated blind
  • Triangle fan top slope pleat
  • Standard motorised pleated blind
  • Skylight motorised pleated blind

Pleated Blinds Fabrics & Materials

  • Semi transparent
  • Not transparent
  • Originals indent
  • Original transparent
  • Original blockout
  • Verocell blockout
  • Ultra transparent
  • Satin non transparent
  • Mirage semi transparent

Pleated Blinds Features

  • Blockout range from 10% to 100%
  • Manual or motorised
  • Combination of single or twin pleated blinds
  • Top or bottom opening
  • Various shapes

Pleated Blinds Benefits

  • Modern attractive look to match any room style
  • Easy to use, safe for children
  • Affordable pricing
  • High level of privacy with confidence


Colours and Profiles of Pleated Blinds


Pleated Blinds Installation Service

We are specialists in Pleated Blind installation, providing professional services and free consultation.

Euro UPVC Windows and Doors provide comprehensive pleated blind installation services. We approach every client individually and provide consultation and assessment service to advise if pleated blinds are the right choice for your house.

Get in touch today for a free consultation about your Pleated Blinds application.